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Here’s how Dark Souls is going to work as a board game

23rd April 2016

As promised, tabletop game maker Steamforged Games launched its Kickstarter campaign for Dark Souls: The Board Game today, promising a tabletop experience that’s faithful to FromSoftware’s action-RPG franchise. Steamforged quickly met its fundraising goal; in fact, it took just three minutes for the campaign to reach the campaign’s £50,000 target. More than 2,500 backers have since contributed to

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How Microsoft can ‘win’ E3

19th April 2016

We tackled Nintendo yesterday, and now it’s time for Microsoft. What’s it going to take for Microsoft to win E3? What we mean by “win” For the purposes of this article we’ll define a “win” as a press event that energizes existing fans and will help to bring in new fans while helping the company

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Can a video game end hatred?

16th April 2016

There are places in the world where hatred hangs in the air, like floating motes. It is breathed in and it is breathed out. It is borne aloft by suspicion and distrust of the other. NGOs and charities often attempt to diminish hatred by connecting people from mutually hostile societies, most especially children. They organize

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